Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Handmade Burger Company

Another busy morning for us, this time in Solihull. Having finished our shopping, we decided to grab some lunch and we ended up at The Handmade Burger Co in Torchwood ToUchwood Shopping Centre.

I was very impressed with the creativity and range of food served here, all based on the humble burger (menu and price list is available on their website). There was a good range of vegetarian options and a children's menu. I opted for a Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger, which turned out to be huge and neither of us could finish the side of chips we ordered. Because I am a sophisticated kind of gal, I ordered a banana milkshake to go with my burger - it was yummy. It would have been interesting to try the Gourmet Ice Cream for pudding, but there's no way I could have managed it, not when I was planning to cook in the evening as well (and I am supposed to be on a sort-of diet, believe it or not)!

The staff were very pleasant and helpful and made us feel very welcome, which was a nice surprise considering essentially it's a burger bar - but to be fair to them, they're clearly trying to do something new and different and are using quality ingredients in their food.

The one thing that spoilt the visit for me, was when I went to the toilets afterwards to wash my hands (I managed to get sweet chilli sauce all over my hands. I'd like to pretend I'm a tidy eater, but clearly I'm not). It reeked of stale urine, the toilets themselves were dirty and looked as if they had not been cleaned properly that day, and the sink I washed my hands in didn't drain properly. It's not pleasant walking into that after having just eaten a delicious lunch. And I can be quite fussy about restaurant toilets because if the toilets aren't clean, who's to say they aren't lax about hygiene in the kitchen?

I hope they're not though, and, of course, this could just have been a particularly bad day in terms of bathroom hygiene, so I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not enough to stop me from visiting again, so we shall see how they square up next time!

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