Sunday, 11 October 2009

How to Make Mashed Potato (with Paul McCartney)

A long time ago now, a school friend and I, left to our own devices in her parents' kitchen, endeavoured to make mashed potato with quite disastrous results. I presume we must have used too much milk, as it had the consistency of foam and didn't taste much of potato. This has since gone down in legend as "The Mashed Potato Incident", and could often send us into fits of giggles just at the words "mashed potato" as only in-jokes with friends can.

Anyway, if anyone ever suffers similar troubles, here is an instructional video made by Paul McCartney - apologies about the poor quality, but it was obviously made a fair while ago "on the internet". Still, it amuses me.

(Normal service will resume soon - I've been visiting my folks down South this weekend.)

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