Saturday, 24 October 2009

More Book People bargains!

My regular copy of The Book People catalogue came through the door this morning, and, as usual, I turned the pages eagerly to see what bargain cookery books they had this edition. I was delighted to find this collection of Classic Cookery books. Not only is it a beautiful collection of Penguin books (which I collect, because I am a book nerd) it features a set of 8 great cookery titles for a bargainous £9.99! (According to the website the RRP for all eight of these books is about £70.) I am ordering my set today and thought I'd make a quick post here in case some of you are interested too. Happy cooking!


  1. Cool, thanks for the link. Quite a few books on the list that I'd meaning to get anyway. :)

  2. Great - I thought others might benefit from this! :) Can't wait for mine to arrive, although I'm going to be on holiday when they do, so will be a nice present for when I come back!