Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Old Mill

Last night my fiancé and I, in a concerted effort to spend some quality time together, went to one of our favourite pub-restaurants, The Old Mill, to check out their new Autumn menu. I always remember the first time we went there together - it would have been Summer last year - and we sat outside in their gorgeous outdoor seating watching the sun glint off the river and those white bits of fluff you get from trees gently floating around us. It really felt rather magical. And the food was very tasty too.

Last night, of course, we sat inside, it being dark and cold. I do prefer how their decor used to be before they ripped out some of the walls and replaced them with glass panels, which don't really fit with the rest of the rustic interior, but the food remains good, so I can't complain too much.

My fiancé was very patient with me as I insisted on taking photos of the food for this blog. Here's what I had.

For my starter I had a goats cheese and red onion tart. My only complaint about it was that I couldn't really taste the onion and it would have been nice to have that coming through more, but the tart itself was lovely, and rich and creamy and warm and seemed perfect for a chilly Autumn evening. The simple side salad was very tasty too - the cherry tomatoes were very sweet and it was dressed in olive oil. Yummy.


For my main I had sea bass with mediterranean vegetables and rosemary roast potatoes. Very tasty, very filling. The fish was cooked perfectly, potatoes were nicely seasoned and the dipping sauce on the side was delicious but I have no idea what it was!


My fiancé took this picture for me. He also took one of his own dinner but I'm not going to post that because he had the mixed grill, like he does EVERY SINGLE TIME we go there. Hardly an adventurous choice!

To accompany my meal, I had a glass of Montana Unoaked Chardonnay, which was delicious, and I am somewhat taken aback that it only costs £5-£6 a bottle in the shops, considering how much they were selling it for in the restaurant and how nice it was! Having said that it could have been a different vintage from the ones I've found on the internet. The menu described it as having flavours of melon, and these really came through initially, and then you got hit with the taste of wine. I described it last night as, "Melon, melon, melon, WINE!" My fiancé said I ought to be a wine critic.

All in all, a very tasty meal, and I came away feeling warm and happy and satisfied and filled with yummy food. No pudding because I was too full.


  1. You SHOULD be a wine critic. Mm, that sounds delicious, particularly the goat's cheese.

    Aw, you've made me want to do a food blog now! I think I might.

  2. Awww, go on. Go on go on go on go on go on.