Sunday, 4 October 2009

Pork Pie & an Easy Family Meal

Yesterday we popped into Kenilworth in the morning and on our travels stopped at Andrew Davies Bakery on Warwick Road to pick up a small loaf for lunch. I was immediately overcome with the smell of baked goods and wanted to buy the whole shop. One thing in particular that caught me eye was this pork pie:

I love pork pies. "Are you going to buy it then?" my fiancé asked. I replied that I wouldn't be buying it because I am at the moment (as he knows) attempting to lose some weight, and I didn't think buying a fat-filled pork pie would help my cause much. So, what did he do? The scoundrel bought it for me! He has at least offered to share it.

The trip to the bakery has made me determined at some point to have a go at making some kind of pastry product. Watch this space.

Yesterday evening, I had my future in-laws over for dinner, which can be a daunting prospect. I cooked 'Speedy Beef Noodles' from my Good Housekeeping Easy Family Meals book which I picked up from Sainsbury's for £1.50. It's only a small book, and doesn't seem that easy to find, as I had to Google the ISBN to get any matching results and doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere!

Anyway, this is a fairly easy meal and one that shows you can make tasty food with a few relatively simple ingredients. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the finished product, because by the time I'd plated up four bowls it was starting to get cold and, you know, I was hungry. It's a bed of noodles, mange tout and red peppers, in a toasted sesame oil, lime and soy sauce dressing, seasoned with fresh coriander, with fried strips of beef on top. The recipe says to use 'Chilli Soy Sauce', but I have as yet been unable to find this so I've been using light soy sauce, which seems to work. I felt the finished product could have done with a little more lime juice to give it a bit more kick, but I had only bought a very small lime because there weren't many left in Sainsbury's and many of the others didn't look particularly appealing. Nevertheless, everyone seemed to find it quite tasty, and hopefully the future in-laws still approve of me marrying their son!

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