Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fresh beginnings

This is the start of my herb garden! Coriander and mint.

I very much do not have green fingers; usually, plants wither and die as soon as I so much as walk into the same room as them. But I'm trying my hardest to follow the instructions - I've even stuck them to the plant pots! I'm having more trouble with the coriander than with the mint. It keeps wilting - the instructions say only to water it when the surface of the soil is dry, but it seems to start wilting before that, but does pick up when I water it. I do wonder now as well whether I would have been better off buying seeds and growing them myself from scratch than buying the plants already grown. I think I'll have to try that another time.

Other herbs I'd like to grow include parsley, basil and perhaps a chilli plant, but I'll see how I manage with these two first. (I live in a flat and do not have a garden, so anything I grow needs to be able to grow in a pot on the windowsill or possibly on the balcony.)

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