Sunday, 22 November 2009

My first fruit and veg box

We picked up our first organic, local fruit and veg box this week from a shop called Down to Earth in Earlsdon, Coventry. As well as being a small shop where you can buy organic and local produce, they provide a box scheme. We decided to try it on a one-off collection basis first.

So far, I am impressed! Having researched into other box schemes I think the price is reasonable (we have gone for the £10 one for 8-10 items). I've also done some research on the Tesco website and worked out that the equivalent items bought from the supermarket cost approx. £11.59, so a small saving is made! I love the fact that all the fruits and vegetables are seasonal and locally sourced. In this box we got:

red pepper
1 large onion
2 bags salad leaves

That's my fruit and vegetables sorted for the week!  We're going to see how it goes with these items and whether it's enough/too much to work out how often we are going to need a box (although, I'm estimating once a week).I've even found a recipe on my favourite website, BBC Good Food, for which I already have all the ingredients: Spicy Root and Lentil Casserole - yummy!

We do have a slight problem that both of us work full-time and we live in a flat where there is no access to the building unless you have a key fob - there is nowhere suitable to leave the box if we are out. We're going to ask my boyfriend's parents (who are in much more than we are!) if they'll kindly take a delivery for us, otherwise we can pick the box up from the shop. When we spoke to the lady in the shop, she was very helpful and they are quite flexible in their approach to delivery, if you are awkward like we are!

If you're interested in a similar scheme, I'd suggest going to and typing in your postcode to find your nearest supplier. I used this and was delighted to learn that there was such a place so close to home.


  1. is also a good resource for veg boxes - am reviewing soon on my blog at

  2. Excellent, thanks for the link! I look forward to reading your review.

  3. As much as I love organic vegetables and in principal think the box schemes are great, our local box scheme was too expensive. An although I appreciate a little mud is natural, the recent boxes were caked in soil. Combining expense, and work to clean them, we are sticking to home grown, or the local farmers market from now on.

  4. Hello. I found you today via UKFBA. I love my weekly veg box delivery. I don't mind a bit of dirt (amazing--veg are grown in the dirt! remember?). And the varied contents force me to try out new recipes all the time. Recently I have made a lot of tasty cabbage recipes and also used up vast quantities of spinach. Let me know how your veg box adventures go!

  5. Home grown would be great, but I live in a flat! I've recently found out that my fiancé is very good at scrubbing dirt off veg! I love the varied contents too and the convenience of it. All my fruit and veg delivered to me in a single box? Yes please!

  6. I use Riverford, and found the boxes to be good value. They are always stuffed with things. I order the fruit and veg mixed box (£15 for seven veg and three fruit items). On their website you can check if they deliver in your area. I found them to be much cheaper than some other schemes near me.

  7. Congratulations on your vegetable boxes. Here in the U.S. we refer to these boxes as CSA boxes ( Community Supported Agriculture). If you can't grow fruits/vegetables at home this is a great alternative and goes a long way to support local farmers.

  8. I researched into Riverford and they DO deliver in my area, but my "local" farm was in Cambridge, so I think the one I'm going for is a) more local and b) cheaper, but thanks for the tip. :)

    And, thanks, Velva. :)