Saturday, 9 January 2010

An award!

This award was given to me by Janice of Farmersgirl Kitchen - thank you! I'm very flattered that she enjoys my blog!

Apparently, you have to put the award image in your post (done!), then list 10 things that make you happy, and pass it on to 10 bloggers who brighten my day. So, here goes:

10 things that make me happy
1. My fiancé, obviously
2. Cooking!
3. My new chef's knife
4. Listening to Radio 4 in bed
5. Enjoying a nice dinner with friends
6. Buying cookery books or food-writing books
7. A nice hot bath with bubbles
8. Receiving my veg box once a week
9. A good bit of cheese and some wine
10. Pretty dresses

10 bloggers to whom I'm passing this award! (no particular order)

1. Suzler at Serenely Full
2. Jules at Butcher, Baker
3. Jo at Jo's Kitchen
6. Denise at Creative Kitchen
7. Teakay at Blogstronomy (yes, a non-food one!)
9. The Little Welsh at The Little Welsh Eats the Big World
10. Woody the Foodie at Woody the Foodie

Put a link to their blogs
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Award recipients should link back to the sender's blog.


  1. Thanks for that! I'd like to thank my mother, my girlfriend and my frogs...

    That puts my suspected readership up to at least three people!

    I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader, and generally read updates on my Wii when I'm putting the exercise bike through its paces. It's probably a good thing that I'm otherwise engaged when I'm reading, or else your posts (especially the photos) would probably push me towards the kitchen...

    A quick note to any prospective Blogstronomy readers, if I may be so bold: Blogstronomy intends to bring astronomy and related science issues to people who do not necessarily have a science background. As someone who doesn't fall into that bracket myself, I have some difficulty in realising what makes you tick in the astro/ science world, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on what you like (and what you don't like), and most important of all, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS! Most of the best questions so far have come from people who don't have a background in science and have caught me by surprise. The blog can only be as good as the questions that are asked, so get asking! I really want to culture a two-way atmosphere, so I need people to start commenting!

  2. Well done on your award. The hot bath sounds particularly tempting - with or without bubbles.

  3. Congratulations for winning a blog award from one of your fellow bloggers. You made my day by passing one to me! Thank you for recognizing my blog with this award. I love it.

  4. Have just mentioned you here:

  5. Wow, thanks, I'm thrilled. This is the first award I have ever received. :) I will return the post. It's a good way to share your reading list as well, since I am now visiting all your friends. Thanks!

  6. Wow im honoured, thanks for passing on, and MORE importantly well done to you. I enjoy reading your blog very much...

    Which reminds me I need to add your blog to my favourites, I keep forgetting.

  7. Wow!! Congratulations on your award. I'm so honored that you've passed it on to me. I'm also extremely embarrassed to have just discovered it. I'm new to blogging and it shows. oops. I had a very busy month in January, and for some reason comments are not being emailed to me as I thought they were. I am getting on top of this now, and will check my settings. I promise to be a better Blog friend!

    Being that you have given me my first award...could you tell me what I do next? Do I display it on my blog and then pass it on to 10 bloggers? Please excuse my lack of experience ;)

  8. Thanks! And no worries! I understand how hectic life can be sometimes.

    Basically, yes - just post the picture on your blog and list ten things you like and ten blogs you love! Only if you want to, though, there's no pressure. ;)