Thursday, 28 January 2010

Burns' Night Supper at The Old Mill, 25/01/2010

On Monday night we had booked a table at The Old Mill for 8 to celebrate a birthday and to try their four-course Burns' Night Supper for £18.95 a head! Literature and food - my two favourite things!

We are semi-regulars at The Old Mill, as they do good food at reasonable prices in a relaxed, pub atmosphere. Unfortunately, I found this trip hugely disappointing - probably more so because it's one of our 'regulars'.

Firstly, we waited about half an hour before we even got to see the Burns' Night menu because the serving staff had seemed to have forgotten we were there (or there weren't enough, which seems more likely). Next we waited another 30 minutes before we were served our starters. By this point I was so hungry I devoured the food before I remembered to take a photo of it! Shocking! It was yummy though - I had chicken liver parfait with onion chutney, and it was really good: the paté was smooth and silky and was lovely smeared on bread with some butter and chutney. It's a shame such good food was let down by the service.

It was then starting to take a while for the next ('taster') course to arrive. There were discussions among those of us gathered about leaving and going somewhere else, but thought we'd try mentioning how long we'd been waiting first. To be fair to The Old Mill, they were very apologetic and gave us a free bottle of wine, and the next two courses were got to us more quickly.

The taster course was haggis topped with pastry, which was an interesting experience as I'd never actually tried haggis before! I liked it though (and, yes, I do know what it is made from!) and thought it went well with the pastry topping.

For my main course, I had chosen seared venison with neep and tattie rosti and seasonal vegetables. Venison was lovely, although a little overdone for my liking, and the rosti was amazing. Seasonal vegetables, though? Carrots, yes, ok... But peas and mangetout? They must have a different definition of 'seasonal' than I do.

Still, things had slightly improved thus far in our dining out experience. But then the manager lady who had been keeping an eye on things for us disappeared (as did everyone else) and again we waiting an age for our dessert. When the dessert did arrive, imagine how deflated I felt when I discovered that my 'Bonnie Chocolate Mousse with Drambuie Cream' contained less than a spoonful of chocolate mousse, the rest of the pot being filled with sickly cream. What a swizz. I clearly drew the short straw with this one because everyone else had more chocolate than I did.

We finally left the restaurant 3 hours after we'd arrived. Needless to say, we didn't leave a tip.


  1. Thanks for the link. I've added you on my blog.

    Haggis with pastry sounds good! Must give it a try when I next get my hands on one.

  2. Great, thanks!

    Yes, it was good! Such a shame about the slow service!