Friday, 22 January 2010

A tale of two vegetables

I've managed to use up a veg box and a half these week bar 2 apples, 2 potatoes and a tomato (all of which are still edible). Pretty good, huh?

I've had fun (as I always do) trying to come up with new and inventive ways to use the different vegetables this week. I used the lovely curly-leaf kale we got in this Kale and Chorizo Soup, which also meant I got to use my fresh home-made chicken stock. It was delicious - very filling and the strong flavour of the chorizo really complemented the kale very well. My cabbage-phobic fiancé even managed to eat some of the green stuff in his soup!

This evening I had a couple of parsnips to use up and wanted to cook something for which I already had all the ingredients I needed. This recipe for Mince with Parsnip and Potato Mash was therefore ideal. I doubled all the ingredients in the recipe as I was making it for two. It says to use a chefs' ring to make the mince and the mash into a lovely neat ring shape on your plate, but, as you can probably guess, I do not own a chefs' ring, so served the mince in bowls and just spooned the mash on top - I was actually rather taken with how good this ended up looking.

It tasted very nice too - a good hearty meal for a wet, cold Friday after a hard day's work! I felt perhaps I could have done with being slightly more generous with the spices in the mince to give it a bit more kick, but nevertheless it was tasty. The parsnip and potato mash, however, was a revelation and I loved the surprising, sweet bits of parsnip hidden within the potato! It contrasted particularly well with the mince. My fiancé disagreed with me on both counts and was not so keen on the parsnip in the mash, but thought the mince was fantastic. (He's got so much better at eating his vegetables since I've been around, but clearly he still needs some work.)


  1. lol at the fiance and his veg! I love parsnips but haven't tried them with potato in mash, worth a go.

  2. This sounds great. I love the fact that the veg box inspired me to try new combinations. My husband is also a meat-aholic and loves his sausages more than anything else. So I often cook veggie meals with a piece of grilled meat of fish on top!

  3. Oh gosh, your husband sounds just like my partner - sausages are his favourite too! That's a good tip about the veggie meals! Thanks!