Saturday, 13 March 2010

QI Fact of the Day

Yes, I am blogging again. Apologies, but this is too interesting not to share. In fact, I would say it's Quite Interesting:
Until 1800, cookery was so dangerous that it was the second commonest cause of death among women (after childbirth). Their skirts caught on the open fires of the hearth. Deaths were dramatically reduced by the invention of the closed range by George Bodley in 1802.

I think we ought to count ourselves lucky that we live in technologically advanced times. And a time where it is acceptable for women to wear trousers.

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  1. No need to apologise. I see three main possibilities:

    1. A reader enjoys your posts and is subscribed to them. In this case apologies are not necessary as this is simply an extra treat along the way.

    2. A reader does not enjoy your posts and is not subscribed to them. In this case, your apologies reach the wrong audience and are unnecessary anyway.

    3. A reader does not enjoy your posts and is subscribed to them. In this case, the reader possibly feels that they deserve to be punished, and any extra posts are simply an extra push towards atonement.

    I like the fact, by the way. Well, not /like/, as it's a little bit morbid and depressing, but it certainly is Quite Interesting. Was that on last night's show? I am yet to watch it. Will probably catch the XL edition tomorrow whilst cycling.

  2. Good point, well made. It's from the QI Fact of the Day feed (see link in my blog post).

  3. Very strange...I'd have never thought it. Thanks for sharing...I vote "interesting" and find it so. ;)