Monday, 8 March 2010


It was another beautiful day here in the West Midlands on Sunday and I woke up to find that both my lettuce and my basil have produced some super-cute seedlings!

As it was such a nice day, I decided (after my ongoing losing battle with some black mould) that a trip to the garden centre was in order and we are now also fairly well equipped for when the little plantlings make the leap to growing outside. I think we are actually quite fortunate in that our balcony has a very sunny wall at one end and a shadier wall at the other, so we can organise our planting accordingly.

I look forward to watching my seedlings grow and develop into adults, and I especially look forward to eating them!


  1. Hurrah! well done on getting your seeds to germinate, the basil will romp away now.

  2. Seedlings are always exciting. I think it's amazing that you can have this lifeless, dry seed from a paper envelope, just add water, and POOF! Life!

    One observation, though. I think your seedlings need more light. They're a bit on the tall, spindly side and are reaching over. When seedlings first sprout they need as much light as possible.

  3. Thanks, Amanda. I did wonder why they were a bit straggly, but since removing the lids I have moved them to a sunnier spot by a window anyway, abd they are looking much more even now!

    Having said that, we haven't had much sun the last couple of days!