Monday, 15 March 2010

West Midlands Food Bloggers' Meet Up

On Saturday afternoon a bunch of West Midlands based food bloggers (including myself) all descended on Tom Baker's (director of Loaf) house to swap foodie know-how, experiences, loves, hates, desires etc. I'm almost making it sound as if there were huge swathes of us, which isn't quite true; there were in fact five of us, which turned out to be a very nice number – large enough to be a proper gathering but small enough to be able to get to know everyone a little and to have a good old chinwag (certainly not large enough to devour all the food we collectively brought along, however!).

As well as myself and Tom (artisan breadmaker and educator), there was Louise of Comida Y Vida, new blogger and Spanish food aficinado; Wendy of Peter's Yard, who make the scrummiest Swedish crispbead I have ever tasted; and last, but certainly not least, Jo of Jo's Kitchen, who diligently organised the event and keeps a delicious-looking recipe-filled blog. What I particularly enjoyed about this gathering of people was, not only meeting some like-minded and lovely people in the local area, but also the different foodie backgrounds that everyone was from and the different interests everyone had and was able to contribute to our meet-up.

But, onto the important stuff: the FOOD. For starters Wendy had kindly brought along some samples of the Swedish crispbreads made by her company Peter's Yard, along with some goats' cheese from local producer Brockhall Farm Dairy. The crispbread does not taste anything like Ryvita and the like; it is very flavourful (nothing like cardboard at all!) and although the crispbreads are thin they are somehow quite weighty and substantial. The goats' cheese was a lovely complement being beautifully creamy and mild.

For our main meal Tom had prepared some dough and we had all brought along some pizza toppings. We made a pizza each in Tom's outdoor earth oven and shared slices of our creations. How we then managed to eat some pudding after eating so much pizza, I don't know, but we soldiered on.

I had taken a bit of a gamble that morning and decided I would bake some scones to take with me. I had never made scones before but fortunately they turned out well. They are so quick and easy to make! I've already made another batch for Mother's day and will be making more for a birthday next week!

Jo contributed some heavenly, indulgent Rocky Road (apparently the recipe is Nigella's). I took some leftovers home with me – my fiancé tasted a piece and then promptly scoffed the other two pieces, and is urging me to make them myself!

Louise had made a carrot cake. I'm glad I managed to try a small piece even though I was so full I was beginning to feel a bit like Mr Creosote in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, because it was undoubtedly the best carrot cake I've ever tasted. It was wonderfully moist. Apparently, Louise's secret is that she uses oil instead of butter. And, better still, the cake is low fat!

All in all, a wonderful day. I met some fabulous people, ate some gorgeous food and drank some lovely wine. What more could you want from an afternoon?!


  1. What fun! Thank you for sharing. I have added two new blogs to my following list! Where will I find the time?

  2. Hi Charlene, like your post, it seems we left with similar thoughts. I have just finished my post. It's great to have met fellow foodie bloggers in real life and it was such an enjoyable afternoon. Keep up the scone baking, they were delish! x

  3. I am glad you had a good time Charlene. Its a lovely post. I cannot wait for the next one!

  4. Yeah, roll on the next blogger meet up!

  5. Aaah! - Sounds (and looks) like I missed out on a great day there. Shame I was so busy.

    Now you've tried these scones why not try sweet potato scones? Want to try the same with parnsip too.

  6. I couldn't make it - pleased you all had such a great time though.

  7. So sorry I had to cancel last thing due to a disgusting cold - I'll be there next time. Sounds as though you all had a fun afternoon.