Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Last week I'd had a pretty stressful week, so I did what any sane homecook would do and bought myself a new cookbook. I bought the River Cottage Everyday cookbook because I love the TV show and spend most days day-dreaming of becoming a Dorset small-holder.

Anyway, as I have failed to organise my time sufficiently to make all those loaves of homemade bread I dream of making, the idea of making flatbreads appealed. They are really quick and pretty easy to make - the dough only needs 15 minutes to rest and once rolled-out, a couple of minutes in a hot pan, et voila! You don't even need to use strong bread flour or yeast; just bog-standard plain white flour, some water, some olive oil and some salt.

Here I am cooking a couple. I ruined the first one because the pan wasn't hot enough and it went rubbery and not very nice.

My one complaint about the recipe is that there is way too much salt in it for my palate. I will definitely be using less next time! Still, I was proud of my achievement and I can see these being really versatile. I served mine with my dinner of salad (with homegrown salad leaves) and a Higgidy mushroom and spinach pie (the latter was ok).


  1. Nice! Simple and easy is what I like best. Hope to try this sometime :)

  2. It's fresh and best as long as it's homemade. I would love it. Great with curry...mmm

  3. Mm, that sounds great. I had no idea there was so little faff involved and it looks really, really tasty. Noted, thank you. :)

    Wayhey for homegrown stuff - I've just planted mine. *thumbtwiddle*

  4. I love flatbreads, these look great.

  5. Flat breads are so versatile. Even better when they are home made!

  6. Flatbreads are great, nice addition to a meal and so versatile. These look wonderful I have been wanting to make some myself, but just haven't yet. I will be giving yours a try.