Saturday, 8 May 2010

Italy Part 1: Wedding!

Last night (Friday) we landed back in the UK after a short holiday to Italy. Specifically we went to Malcesine, a small town on Lake Garda. The main reason we chose this destination is that a friend of mine was getting married there, and I'd always wanted to visit Italy, so this seemed the perfect excuse!

Food formed quite a large part of the holiday: my friend's wedding included a 7 (or was it 8?!) course meal - the longest meal I'd done before that was 5 courses. We also visited some fantastic restaurants and pizzerias and had ice cream from one of the many Gelateria. I do feel like I ate an awful lot and have probably gained about 100 pounds in the course of 5 days. I also don't even want to look at another piece of cheese for a good long while.

I'm going to be writing about my holiday in a few different posts because there's a lot I want to tell and think if I tried to do it in one post it would be too long, so I'll start with...

The Wedding
I thought I would begin writing about the wedding we attended, because this was definitely a highlight of our trip, in foodie terms as well as emotional ones! Everyone loves wedding pictures, right? So here's one of the happy couple:

What a backdrop!

Jo & Rob (pictured) decided that they would have a seven course feast for their wedding, and where better to have that than Italy?! The dinner was held at the Hotel Excelsior, Malcesine and their wedding menu was as follows, accompanied by pictures:

* Strips of marinated salmon with herbs, breaded in black crumbs and fried with olive oil on green beans, salad and Grana cheese

*Toasted ham and cheese parcels, served with melon strips and green olive pesto

*Small fresh lasagne with tomatoes, baked au gratin with beef ragout in a white sauce and chicory spit covered in Fontina cheese

*Risotto with blueberries, bacon and Fontina cheese

*Green apple and vodka sorbet

*Fillet of oven roasted beef, coated in almonds with potato chips and fresh thyme
(no picture of this one - sorry!)

*Mango and passion fruit pastry

It is worth mentioning at this point that the hotel painstakingly provided a cheese-free version of each course for my lactose-intolerant fiancé. Much kudos to them for that!

I think my favourite course (aside from the sorbet, which everyone agreed was wonderfully more-ish - best sorbet I've ever had!) was the mango and passionfruit pastry. Fruity, light and delicious. A perfect end to a perfect feast.

At least, we thought that was the end, and then the cake appeared!
Sadly, I can't give much of an opinion on what the cake tasted like because I was so full I only managed one bite!

Canapes were also had earlier in the day before we went on a champagne cruise on the lake, which consisted of various nibbles including freshly sliced proscuttio and fresh parmesan cheese. There was also much champagne and both red and white wine for everyone. It was heaven!

This was a wonderful way to celebrate such a happy occasion and I'm very glad I got to share it with Jo & Rob. I can definitely say that their marriage has got off to a cracking start!


  1. wow this looks amazing! what a great excuse for a holiday and can't wait to read some more! x

  2. Seven courses - that sounds like my kind of wedding. What a beautiful place to get married as well. You have some lovely photos.

    Looking forward to the other posts!

  3. I have to confess the first photo I nicked from - the photographer said that all photos are copyright-free, so I guessed it was ok to do that!

    It was a great wedding and a bit different from most of the others I've been to, in a good way, obviously.

    I'm desperate to write all about it, but my RSI/possible carpal-tunnel was really bad last night, and I probably shouldn't even be typing this! Woe!