Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Booster Bars

Hugh, Hugh, Hugh. Why do you make me do crazy things like decide I'm going to make my own cereal/energy bars? The recipe was from his book River Cottage Everyday. If you go here you can find the recipe and see someone who did it much better than I did.

Here is my version just before it went in the oven:

I actually did the banana variation and used a mashed up banana instead of the peanut butter, because I don't like peanut butter: peanuts are nice, butter is nice, but the two mushed together make my tastes buds individually die a little death. I also used just pumpkin seeds instead of a mixed batch because I couldn't be bothered to buy lots of different seeds from the supermarket.

Having seen the picture accompanying the recipe I linked to, I do think mine could have done with a bit more baking. My bars are very gooey. So gooey, in fact, that they didn't slice up very well and now I have a mound of gooey oats in a tupperware box which I pick bits off when I'm hungry. I'm too embarrassed to show it to you, although it is very, very tasty. Gooey and sweet and yummy.


  1. I like my cereal bars/flapjacks on gooier side of gooey, so they sound divine. AND SO HEALTHY TOO.
    Mmmm, banana.

  2. I just received River Cottage Everyday as a gift; this looks like a great place to start. I'm sure that your "Booster Goo" would taste good over plain yogurt, or as an ice cream topping (but that would possibly defeat the purpose!). Enjoy. :)

  3. Thanks, both.

    Sarah, I've also made the flatbread recipe from this book and that was great too!