Monday, 5 July 2010

Keema with (or without) peas

First of all, let me say, this is not the most photogenic dish. I mean, look at it:

Well, I suppose it's not that bad... It doesn't look too much like dogfood, does it?

I can assure you that it smells and tastes great. The recipe is adapted from this BBC Good Food recipe, which I followed pretty much exactly last week. I found using minced lamb made the dish quite greasy, so I decided to use some chopped up lamb leg steaks this week for a chunkier texture. I also used three, rather than two, chopped fresh tomatoes this week to make it a bit more tomatoey and a bit more saucy (oo-er). And I didn't have any peas in this week. But it still worked well without, although I could have done with adding a little more yoghurt (I was adapting it for 2 people), as I managed to make it almost hotter than the sun in terms of spice. It was edible though, which was good (unlike the time my fiancé decided to make red thai curry and put an ENTIRE JAR of red thai curry paste in...).

I served it with Dina Khobez Wholemeal Flatbreads (because I was too lazy to make my own), which were a great find in the supermarket on the way home from work this evening! It goes well with rice too.


  1. Haha--it's great that some tasty foods are ugly, I think. It keeps us grounded. And I have had that problem with spice before, too, when adapting a recipe. "It's a bit hot, love," my husband says. "Really?! I'm just crying over the movie," I reply, wiping my eyes and blowing my nose. :)

  2. I read on another blog one time that curries always look unphotogenic. I think they were probably right.

    But keema mutter is yummy! I wish lamb wasn't so expensive around here.

  3. Sounds great, I have had my share of non-photogenic dishes too. I get so jealous of some of my friends that can make meatloaf or stew look good. I think some are professional photographers on the side.