Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Kusksu (Maltese Spring Soup)

I have mentioned on this blog before that I am half Maltese and I love eating and cooking Maltese food. I can cook a few things my mum has shown me and a few things from a book we got when we holidayed in Malta, but really I think my repertoire when it comes to Maltese cooking is quite limited. That is why I was delighted to discover Did You Put Garlic?, a blog predominately about Maltese food.

There's some great recipes on there and the first one I decided to try was Kusksu or Maltese Spring Soup. Now, I did have a slight problem in that I couldn't find any dried kusksu or Israeli cous cous or even orzo pasta in Sainsbury's, and I didn't have time to go to Holland & Barratt, where Mer of Did You Put Garlic? says she gets hers from; so, I ended up using small pasta shells, which is the kind of thing my mum always puts in her Maltese soups. Here is the result:

Yeah, I may have gone a little overboard on the pasta. And I added fresh peas to mine, because I love fresh peas! It took me around half an hour to shell all the broad beans and peas though! This was a very tasty soup and I will definitely be making it again, perhaps with the right ingredients and I might try a poached egg in it next time.

Incidentally, I had never had this soup before I made it the other week. My mum never cooked it and I found out why when I spoke to her about it: when I told her what it was, she said, "Urgh, my mum used to make that. I hated it!" But then she also said she used to hate Maltese meat stew, but when I cooked it for her she thought it was delicious!


  1. How cool, that looks delicious! I enjoy cooking food from different cultures.

  2. I assume pastizzi is next!

  3. Not sure if I will ever feel confident enough to make pastizzi!

  4. Just saw this! Glad you like my bog and cooking from it too! :D

    If you can get the Israeli pasta, do try it, it gives it a totally different texture (and they're toasted, so a different taste too). otherwise, if you're ever in London, swing past my place. ;)

  5. Yeah, I definitely want to try it with the Israeli pasta. I think I've probably had it before at my grandparent's house.

    And thanks for the offer!

  6. Hi Charlene! I am a Maltese Food Blogger... just a quick note. Normally we use different Pasta for that typical dish. It is a small ball shaped round pasta. Compliments for your blog! Keep it Up!