Sunday, 15 August 2010

Berryfields Farm Shop, Meriden, Near Coventry

I want to blog more about local foodie places in and around Coventry and the local area. I'm currently collecting some links to go somewhere in my sidebar, so look out for that in the near future!

Recently I decided that I want to try shopping at some farm shops, and looking for things to do this morning, I had a google and came across Berryfields Farm Shop, which, handily, is open on a Sunday.

After consultation with the other-half, he decided that it would be a great idea to go because the on-site café does an all-day breakfast, and we hadn't eaten yet...

The farm shop is situated in a converted farm building on the farm itself surrounded by beautiful countryside. I am still enamoured of the fact that one of the directions to get there is "past the duck pond"! It is, judging by the smell when we got there and that it states that all the pork is home-reared and pork products are all made on site, mainly a pig farm, so if you like your pork, it really is the place to go.

I hadn't actually been to a farm shop for a long time before this morning, and I remember the local one I used to go to as a child growing up in Kent as quite dirty and dusty and placed in a old shed. I presumed this one would be similar given that it is situated in a converted farm building, but the reality couldn't be further from how I imagined it. The building is light, airy, clean and modern. They stock a range of different products: plenty of fresh meat, frozen fish and meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, pickles, oils, vinegars, bread and more. I was delighted to see that they stock Peter's Yard crispbreads! The amount of fruit and vegetables in there isn't huge, but it is local and seasonal (there were some truly impressive beetroots!). The items the farm doesn't produce itself are sourced from other local farms and suppliers.

We went up to the café first before looking round, as I was ravenous. I wanted to try and be fairly healthy and was thinking about having poached eggs on toast, but the lure of the fried breakfast was too great - how could I miss an opportunity to try the meat before buying it? It was truly scrumptious - it came with a thick round of black pudding, lovely thick back bacon and a deliciously meaty sausage, as well as fried egg, beans, tomato and two slices of toast. I think £7 each was reasonable for that!

Suitably fed and watered, we proceeded with the shopping. We bought some vegetables, some sausages, some bacon and a pork pie. I was tempted by the bread, but we already have a fair amount at home. All the prices were, I think, comparable with what you would pay at Sainsbury's for similar items.

I then got home to find I had failed to close the fridge door properly the night before. FAIL.

But anyway, we have decided that we will try and shop at a farm shop once a week or every other week, to supplement the veg box we get from Down to Earth, the idea being that we will be spending even less money and time in Sainsbury's. I am going to be trying some different farm shops in the area as well in future, so watch this space for that.


  1. sounds so fabulous! Lucky you guys for having something like that so close to home... and a great idea to try and buy groceries like that... down with the supermarkets I say!

  2. It's a 10-15 minute drive away - and we never even knew it existed!

  3. Charlene this is my favourite haunt! I was there yesterday - The freezer sections are wonderful too -packed with frozen berries, pastries,crossiants etc - I have tried them and been very pleased. So glad you are enjoying it too - perhaps I'll see you in there sometime :) This in another place worth a run out to - Lucie x

  4. Ah, excellent! And thanks for the link - that place looks fantastic - we will definitely be checking it out sometime! x