Saturday, 18 September 2010

Carluccio's, Stratford-upon-Avon

Last week we visited Stratford for my birthday. We did some shopping, had a scrumptious pub lunch and went for a cruise on the Avon. As we started walking back to the carpark, I suggested we stopped at Carluccio's to pick up some things for dinner.

I'd decided that for tea we'd have bread from the breadmaker with some olive oil for dipping, and maybe pick up some olives at Carluccio's to accompany it, as I'd heard that they had a deli in there. This is what we ended up with:

Freshly sliced mortadella and parma ham

 Sun blushed tomatoes, as well as some olives (not pictured).

It was really good stuff and made our dinner a whole lot more exciting than I'd planned! We haven't actually eaten in Carluccio's yet, but plan to next time we are down Stratford way - it seems like a great place if you like your Italian food.


  1. that's my favourite kind of tea - you can't beat a tapas style mediterranean feast!!

  2. Looks tasty - we'll make a point of dropping by next time we're in Stratford.

    Shame you can't make it to our Scottish celebration - we'll save you some black pudding if you'd like some of the award winning roll we brought back with us though?

  3. Yes, it is a shame - turns out I was right when I said we'd already got something booked in tonight!

    Black pudding would be lovely if you have any left. Ian especially would appreciate it! Thank you!

  4. You have to try the Venison Tortelloni if you go, I've been only once for a quick lunch, but I've been craving to go again just for that dish!

  5. Sounds like a lovely dinner, fresh bread and delicious nibbles is a win win combo!

    I really like at Carluccios the spagetti alla vongole (clams with garlic and chilli) is gorgeous!