Sunday, 26 September 2010

Mini apple pies

A few weeks ago a friend of ours gave us a carrier bag full of cooking apples from his garden. (Apparently, his next door neighbour has been complaining about the apples which have been falling into his garden - I can't help thinking what a miserable sod this neighbour must be!) Until today, time and energy to do something with them has eluded me.

I wanted to make something that we could share with the friend who gave us the apples, so I decided to make mini apple pies. This was a bit of an experiment, in that I used the pastry recipe from this mince pie recipe (because it is easy to make and scrumptious too) and the filling from this apple pie recipe.

Above is one of the ones that broke when getting it out the tin.

If I make something similar to these again, I will make a different kind of pastry - this pastry works brilliantly with mince pies, but doesn't seem to quite have the structural integrity to cope with sloppy apple. However, their wobbly framework does not impair the flavour - crumbly and sticky and sweet and tart and gooey. Heaven.


  1. I was thinking about fruit trees for the yard and learned that there are scads of rules about picking up one's fruit and so on. Looks like grumpy sods have passed legislation over here!

  2. I wish I had a neighbours whose fruit fell in my garden. Although legally I think I would have to hand it back. lol.

    Wonderful recipe, looks lovely.