Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tomato fever

After posting a while back that things were all going horribly wrong with my tomato plants, they managed to recover from the blossom end rot and have been producing healthy fruit for a while now. At first there was just the odd one or two at a time that had ripened, but now we're almost getting a glut, and that's just from 4 plants!

I'm planning to make this chutney with them, which I made last year, but this year it'll be even more special with my homegrown tomatoes!


  1. Also experiencing my first ever glut, Huzzah! Have ordered a shedload of jars and stuff for a chutneytastic week ahead. Don't know if you've seen this site already, been following the gardening bit but only just found they have a recipes blog as well - the link will take you to all their tomato posts, scroll down for interesting stuff on how to preseve toms and quite a few exciting chutney and sauce recipes (sweet Bengal looks fantastic)

  2. OOoh, thanks, will have a look.