Saturday, 9 October 2010

Restaurant review: Thai Dusit, Coventry

We went to visit the Thai Dusit last night for a romantic meal. It had been a long time since we'd been, as I'd gone through a period of suspecting I had a shellfish allergy, but it now looks as if I probably don't. It is perhaps more worrying that this means that a restaurant I used to really like most likely gave me food poisoning - it still makes me wary of eating shellfish in restaurants now, as the memory of that incident is still potent! It's a shame because I love seafood of all varieties.

However, we figured the Thai Dusit was a safe bet, as we have had good experiences there in the past and you'd hope a restaurant of their kind of calibre would be using nice, fresh ingredients! And we weren't disappointed.

For our starter we had the mixed shared platter, which is a little pricey at £6 a head, but utterly worth it.

This photo doesn't do justice to the presentation. The starter includes prawns, which I ate, and I wasn't sick, hurrah!

For my main, I had Moo Priew-Warn, which was battered pork in a sweet and sour sauce. It was delicious and the stir fried egg noodles I had with it complemented it nicely - a heavenly combination of sweet, sour and savoury. The pork was delicately battered and the sauce was rich and warming, like an electric blanket on a cold winter's evening. But an edible one. My fiancé had Ped Pad Khing, a duck dish with ginger and stir fried vegetables. On the side he had coconut rice, which I hadn't tried before and now I'm not sure why. The creamy coconut with the rice was an amazing background to the spices in our meat dishes.Wow.

Wine was the house red, which seems to be a good complement to the spices in most of the dishes.

I skipped pudding, but my fiancé had the Chocolate Trofito. He kindly let me share some. Nothing spectacular, but tasty as frozen desserts go. But we don't go to the Thai Dusit for the desserts!

Service wasn't as good as it has been in the past on this occasion (it is usually very good - very attentive and polite waiting staff). At first they brought us the wrong dishes, but this was quickly rectified. I had booked the table earlier in the day, but when we arrived they couldn't seem to find our booking - fortunately they were able to seat us anyway.

 If you like Thai food, it would definitely be worth your while checking out the Thai Dusit. They do takeaway too. You can have a look at the menu at their website.

Writing this review has already made me want to go again!


  1. I've just tried to comment and it didn't work, so lost it. Please assume my original attempt was much funnier...

    I went out with some colleagues for my birthday on Friday night, and we went to Tong Thai in Kettering. It was my first Thai meal, and I enjoyed it very much: I found it to be a cross between Chinese and Indian food, two of my favourites. We had the mixed platter to start with too; I particularly like the chicken lollies.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the thai food. I agree it is somewhere between Chinese and Indian. Thai is one of my favourites.

  3. The Thai Dusit is one of our favourites too, for many of the reasons you've written about. Having spent some time in Thailand, and even done a little cookery course there I can be quit picky about Thai food but the Thai Dusit always makes me happy.

    A couple of my favourite dishes there are the Pla Sam Rod (deep fried fish with tamarind, onions & chillies) and the Pad Ma-Kua Saam Roch (aubergines in the chef's special sauce...always a worrying description1!).

    Perhaps we'll have to go for a meal together sometime - or just have a Thai cook off!

  4. Oooh, I nearly went for the aubergine dish, but decided I fancied some meat! Maybe next time...

    A meal together would be lovely. :)

  5. One of the best things about going out for a meal (particularly indian/thai/chinese) with a group is the chance to try more dishes - it's good to have a bit of sharing! So yes, a meal together would be good - let us know next time you fancy going, or just give me a text & let me know when you're both free.

    Speak to you soon :)