Monday, 25 October 2010

Roast Partridge with Blackberries

I love Autumn. Not only is it filled with an amazing abundance of fruit and vegetables, but it is also game season. I'm always on the look for things I haven't eaten or cooked before, and a trip to Berryfields Farm Shop meant taking home a couple of partridges.

I decided to use a recipe from Nigel Slater's Tender Vol. II - a book I am absolutely loving at the moment. I've now cooked two recipes from it: this partridge and blackberries dish and a weekday supper of pork and pears (the latter scoffed before I could get a picture). Both have been absolutely amazingly delicious. Both use fruit and meat and then alcohol to deglaze the pan. I'm totalling getting into this deglazing lark. Also pairing fruit with meat.

The one thing I regret about this dish, is that we tried (and failed) to forage our own blackberries - we did find some blackberry bushes, but no salvageable fruit - it was all shrivelled up and pathetic. Have I completely missed blackberry season? I just thought it was generally during Autumn.

I ended up buying blackberries from the supermarket, which were from Mexico of all places. The dish held up well enough with the massively jet-lagged fruit, but I'd love to try it with some freshly-picked blackberries one day.

And partridge meat is a very tasty meat. I just couldn't help wishing there was slightly more of it...

And, yes, I did serve it with chips. And roast carrots and fennel. It went surprisingly well!


  1. That looks perfect. I love the idea of dipping chips in the juices.

    I always thought blackberry season was later too, but this year I discovered berries ripening mid to late August. Apparently they're generally considered good until the end of September, when it gets too damp. (Or, as folklore tells it, the devil takes a leak on them.)

  2. Thanks for the blackberry info. Next year I must remember to make this dish earlier in the year. Having said that, I didn't see the partridge on sale before that week - partridge and blackberry did not co-ordinate!

  3. Haha, that's just cruel! I've found they freeze well, though space is a bit of an issue.

  4. It looks very tasty and hearty!