Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Willesborough Windmill Bread Flour

At the weekend my fiancé and I were visiting my family down in Kent. We had a bit of a lazy Saturday and trundled along to a local farm shop, Perry Court, late morning.

Perry Court is set on an apple & pear orchard and we got some great stuff including their own apple juice, a bag of their dried apple crisps (an interesting snack!), some homemade rolls and a bag of Willesborough Windmill Strong Wholemeal Flour, pictured on the left.

I had to buy some, obviously, and it isn't too pricey at £1.99 for a 1.5kg bag. 

I grew up near Willesborough Windmill, and it is a striking part of the landscape in that area and something I very much associate with my childhood. I am very excited that it is now producing flour - if I still lived there this would have been a very local product, but I supposed now I have hauled it all the way to Coventry, it kind of ceases to be 'local'! But nevermind, we were making the trip anyway, so it was a bonus to come back with something so reminiscent of my childhood, yet so useful too!
I remember when the windmill used to look like this, which is partly why I find it so amazing that it now has the capacity to produce flour. In fact, this is a great webpage showing how the windmill has changed over the years.

If I were really to do this flour justice, I suppose I ought to have handmade the bread, but you wouldn't catch me having the energy to do that on a school night! So, I let my breadmaker do the work. It has made a really nice loaf - in fact, I would go so far as to say it is one of the best wholemeal loaves I've ever had: flavourful, not too dry and fairly light in texture for a wholemeal loaf. But my tastebuds are more than likely coloured by fond childhood memories - it is quite stunning how taste can be influenced by so many other factors.


  1. That is very close to my parents.

    I'll have to go and get some of the flour next time I am in Kent - not that I need more food in the flat, but I am increasingly baking more and more bread.

  2. Our parents probably know each other!

    I recommend the flour - I am very impressed with it, particularly by how well it worked in my breadmaker.