Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bonfire & Bangers night at the Red Lion, Hunningham

We've been frequenting the Red Lion pub in Hunningham for about a year now, and it has quickly become our favourite pub ever. There are a few reasons for this, which I will present in a list format like the anal retentive that I am.

1. The food. With an emphasis on local, fresh produce, they already go some way to winning me over, but they also make tasty and delicious and fairly unusual dishes. Their menu is constantly changing to reflect the season, but highlights for me have included the Ploughman's Platter (because you can't beat a good ploughman's), British rosé veal and Napton Water Buffalo cheese tart. Mmmmm.

2. The wine. It is both varied in selection and reasonably priced.

3. The decor. There are framed comic book covers all over the walls. There is a tube which runs from the bar to the kitchen which delivers the orders. There are open fires. What more could you want?

4. The staff. They are all bonkers.

5. The events. August bank holiday weekend there was a film festival (which sadly we didn't make it to). But, this brings me neatly onto Bonfire & Bangers Night 3, which was last night.

Of course, it chucked it down, but when you're in a field with deliciously spiced mulled wine, a massive hog roast, sausages, bonfire and fireworks, who cares?

The pork & stuffing baps were truly amazing. And huge. And amazing. Did I mention amazing? Good.


Fireworks were also very pretty (although didn't get any pictures because I was too worried about the camera drowning) and very impressive, particularly for a free-entry display!

So, yes - Red Lion in Hunningham - go there.


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