Sunday, 19 December 2010

Adopt a Veg

My blog posts are like buses: you don't get any for ages and then two come along in one day!

I just wanted to bring to the attention of all my green-fingered friends Garden Organic's Adopt a Veg scheme. In order to protect our heritage veg and to help support the work of the Heritage Seed Library, Garden Organic have set up a scheme whereby you can "adopt" a variety of vegetable. There are a small number of varieties which you can adopt for £20 and get a packet of seeds too. I'm quite tempted by the transparent tomatoes. The others are £15 and come with a gift pack including information about your chosen variety.

These could make an unusual Christmas gift for any green-fingered chums!


  1. I live with a veg... wish someone would adopt him!... great idea for the scheme!

  2. There's an organization based in Arizona called Native Seeds that does a similar thing, called Adopt a Crop. They specialize in preserving the ethnobotanical resouces of the native tribes of the southwestern US and Northern Mexico.

    I think with climate change and environmental degredation, it's all the more important to keep our food sources genetically diverse.