Thursday, 30 December 2010

Our first free range turkey

I hope all my lovely blog followers have had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a glorious New Year! I have recently got back from visiting my relatives in Kent, which meant that I wasn't organising the Christmas dining this year (in fact, I never have, as my flat isn't really big enough to have people over!), but I did want to ensure we had a free range turkey this year. So, I offered to order the turkey for my parents.

As I live in Coventry but my parents live in Kent, I wanted to order a turkey which could be delivered to their door to make it easier for them as they would both be working and be busy the week leading up to Christmas day.

 After doing my research on the internet, I decided to order the turkey from Waitrose, as they had a good selection of fresh free range turkeys, would let me order as far in advance as November, let me pick a two hour time-slot and offered free delivery! Which was great... and it would have been even more great if Waitrose had an easy-to-use website.

It took me half an hour to find the 'register' button for online deliveries. When I tried to make a purchase, a login box came up, but whereas most websites will say, "Not a member? Register here!" or similar, the Waitrose website offered no such simple option. At least not on that page. I can't remember where I found it in the end*, but it wasn't obvious or easy to do at all - if I hadn't been so keen to get a free range turkey and if they hadn't offered the free delivery, I would have given up and ordered from a different supermarket. Perhaps it was just me being a numpty, but I thought online shopping was supposed to be quicker and easier?!

Anyhow, once I had managed to register with the site, it was pretty quick and easy to place the order. I chose a turkey in the 'serves 8-11 people' range, despite the fact that there'd only be four of us for dinner. But we like leftovers.

When the day arrived for delivery, I was a little nervous as I'd made the order a long time ago and had visions of us not having a turkey at all for Christmas. But turn up it did, in its allotted time slot. We ended up with a turkey that would serve 8 people and it cost £31. Not bad at all considering how much we got out of it.

It was the first time I'd ever had a free range turkey, and it was the most flavourful, moistest, juiciest turkey I had ever had. It was well worth the money and worth the hassle with the website in the end. And definitely good to know that the turkey we ate hadn't lived in complete squalor before ending up on our plates.

It's chiefly about chicken welfare, but if you're interested at all in the plight of intensively-farmed animals in this country and want to help the cause, I recommend going to and lending your support.

*I have since had another look on the Waitrose website and it seems you have to put your postcode in to the box first to see which services are available in your area and then click the small green 'register' button in the right-hand corner.


  1. You did us proud Charlene.
    Just had some of the remaining turkey with your home made chutney absolutely beautiful or should that be bootiful?
    Errr no!
    Sorry Mathews but there is no comparison.

  2. Compliments to the chef, though! I'm determined to do goose one day... Maybe when we have a house and enough room to do some mass catering! x

  3. how lovely that you you went to such effort and it paid off... Happy New year xx

  4. Sounds great! I am not quite brave enough to try to get my relatives to cook free range turkey, but I do try to at least set a good example by only serving ethically-raised meats at any feasts I host myself.

    I agree that free range turkeys are much tastier, though I have heard some people complain about their smaller breasts. Oh well, I like dark meat better anyway, and I hate thinking about how industrial turkeys have such big breasts they can hardly walk.