Saturday, 15 January 2011

And now for something completely different

A slightly more 'serious' photo.
Cabbage on 365 Project

I'm currently taking part in a project called the 365 project where the aim is to take a photo every day for a year, and if you click on the photo above (which is today's photo) it will take you to my 365 project page. Not all the photos are or will be food-related and my efforts are of the amateur variety, but it is a fun project which is making me look at things in a different light and, I hope, will ultimately improve my photography skills, which will in turn improve my food photography for this blog perhaps!


  1. I just poked around there a bit, looks like a cool project!

  2. I looked around a little bit, too. It sounds like a good kick-start to try new things. Let us know what you learn. Maybe each month you would consider doing a little "food & photography" round-up? :-)

  3. Yes, it is pretty cool!

    And, Sarah, that's a fab idea - thanks for sharing it with me!