Monday, 17 January 2011

Butternut Squash Risotto

I promised to post what I cooked with the obscene butternut squash, didn't I? I decided to make this Simple Squash Risotto recipe from BBC Good Food. One of the things I love about the BBC Good Food website is the user reviews and ratings of recipe - it's a really good guide to picking the right recipe, and as this recipe had great reviews, I thought it was worth a go!

This was the first time I had ever made a risotto and to be honest I thought the 'simple' label was pushing it a bit. But then I was also making this on Monday evening after quite a long day at work - I think if I make this again it might have to be one of my weekend recipes.

Anyway, I set about turning my butternut squash into something more family friendly:

That's better!

I was really worried I wouldn't get all the stirring in the risotto right somehow and that the rice would be ruined. But somehow it all worked out. My fiancé really liked the dish even though it had no meat in it. I left the parmesan cheese out for him because he can't have cheese - because of that this is the first risotto he had ever eaten. It was fine without the parmesan, although personally I wouldn't have minded some on mine to add a bit of saltiness. It looked pretty good in the end, though:


Sleepy now...


  1. I love making risottos, and with a bit of practice they become very suitable for a weekday meal, so stick with it. We do a 3 mushroom ristto one which is lovely and also leek and smoked haddock is good.
    Might give butternut squash a go next though! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the advice, Louise. I can see how they could be a suitable weekday meal - I am just shattered tonight! Sometimes it takes a lot of energy when you're trying something new, though.

    Do your risottos need cheese with them though?

  3. You know all that stirring, if you add a little more liquid at the start, you can stir a little less. Makes no difference to the end result.

    Critical time for a risotto is the last five minutes.You could have added the parmesan to your plate and stirred it in, though. :)

  4. Thanks for the tip!

    I would have added some parmesan to my plate, but we haven't got any. I suppose the ewe's milk cheese I have in the fridge would have work quite nicely - if only I thought of that yesterday!