Sunday, 13 March 2011

Graze boxes

Recently a friend gave me a voucher code for which got me my first box free and my second half-price. I'd heard about these boxes before but been a bit sceptical as I got the impression for some reason that it was just all nuts and seeds and it didn't really appeal. Once I actually had a proper look at the website though, and received my first box in the post, I was pleasantly surprised.

There is quite a range of foods included, including focaccia breads, olives and many weird and wonderful combinations of dried fruits. Also, they have a system when you can tick what you like and what you don't like, so you can choose not to be sent the stuff that doesn't appeal or you can try it and if you don't like it ask not to be sent it again.

The idea behind the box is to provide healthy snacks to nibble on throughout the day, keeping your blood sugar balanced and as the tagline says "eat more health food (fewer biscuits)".

As with my fruit and veg box, one of the things I like about it is the surprise of finding out what you have got this week. Here was my first Graze box:
I like nuts and I like dried fruit, so I ate the nut mix (mmm, pecan nuts!) and lemon raisins first. Raisins were very lemony and very tasty, but I found alternating a few with the nuts best to cut through the sharpness of the lemon a bit! Still, they kept me going through a day of work and I would have got through the day without any other snacks were it not for the homemade apple cake a colleague had brought in that day - it would have been rude not to have a piece, really.

I was expecting not to like the cracking black peppercorn rice-crackers in the top left, because in my experience rice-crackers are bland and comparable to swallowing a load of air. These were small and concentrated rice-crackers, though, with a really good crunch and bags of flavour! I needed a glass of water after such pepperyness, but I'd definitely eat them again - they're very low in calories as well!

The orange and ginger flapjack was nice and much less sweet than I was expecting, which is probably a good thing for blood sugar levels and whatnot.

This box was free and I wasn't sure whether £3.49 was a lot for four punnets of nuts and fruit etc., but then when I happened to be in Marks and Spencer one day last week, I spied a small bag of raisins which cost £1.60. So I've reasoned that as the price of the box also includes delivery, and the snacks it includes are really, really yummy, it is utterly worth it. I am completely sold! Here's a peek at this week's box, which I haven't eaten any of yet:

I can't wait to get stuck into this weeks tasty treats - I will do my best to save them for work, though. I have opted to get one box a week delivered to my home on a Saturday, so I have all my snacks ready for the week ahead at work: I can't guarantee how much of the week they will last me though...

If any of you would like to receive a free graze box, go to and use the voucher code: NTBYZLQ. I believe the offer is only available for a limited time. You have to sign up to receive the box, but if you decide you don't want it anymore, you can cancel at any time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, though!


  1. £3.49 is too expensive for what's on offer. If you shop around not only can you get all the nuts and berries cheaply you can buy all the ingredients for next to nothing (for example a small bag of raisins in M&S may very well cost £1.60 but they cost a lot cheaper elsewhere and, alternatively, you can buy them off a local market stall and support your local tradesmen). Plus you can make all of this stuff for a lot less too, ingredients cost next to nothing if you know where to look and don’t buy the premium brands.

    Also, surely making all of this and putting it together for yourself is not only more beneficial but is also a lot more fun as well and gives you ultimate control about what you do and don't want.

  2. After having around 6 Graze boxes between me and my partner I have decided to cancel all our boxes. After a while they begin to become the same and spending almost £4 on a box of nuts and packaging was beginning to hurt me a little inside.

    Instead I bake some fresh flapjack on a Sunday and divvy it up between us for the week and buy a big bag of dried fruit and nuts. Add in some yoghurt coated raisins which I get a local Health Store and bobs your uncle. For a bit of spice I also pop down to a local ethnic store and grab a bag of weird Bombay mix type things and if I'm in the right area there are certain shops which make their own. For about £2 I can get 500g of stuff.

    The graze boxes are good and I can see why they are so appealing. The novalty of getting them posted to work to feed hunger is novel and their marketing and offers to draw you in is good.

    With a little bit of forward planning and buying things from the right places you can save money and still have healthy snacks. Look with a quick google I can find 1kg of dried fruit for less than £4.

    The final straw for me came when I got the olives in my Graze box (there were 4 in one portion), in the next section I had hazelnut, brazil nut and walnut mix. Lets just say they skimp on the expensive nuts and just throw in a few of the expensive nuts.

    I now use the old graze packaging to grow a few seeds in. Graze boxes have come in use and been recycled. I won't be going back to them.