Tuesday, 11 October 2011

thespicery.com: Singapore Noodles

For my birthday last month my sister-in-law bought me a subscription to a monthly spicebox from www.thespicery.com and tonight I made my first recipe from it.

The idea is that each month you get sent a box containing a couple of recipes (a main and a pudding) and the spices that are needed for it.

Tonight I cooked Singapore Noodles. It was handy having the spices already mixed, although I found the recipe itself a little fiddly. (It was supposed to have prawns and beansprouts in it too, but I left them out). The mix of spices made this a highly flavourful and fragant dish, although the spice was erring on the slightly-too-hot side for both myself and my fiancé, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

I would definitely recommend giving a spicebox from thespicery.com a go. I feel like it is giving me inspiration for new and different things to cook. The recipes include what the spice packs contain, so you can recreate it yourself with your own spice blends.

The website also sells individual spices as well as various spice blends.

This certainly made for a unique (and useful!) birthday present!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Beer Experiment

A quick post just to tell you about a new blog. My fiancé has started a blog all about beer - a subject on which he is very enthusiastic:


I'd join him in his beer experiment, except I don't like beer.