Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Plotting my plot

I want to blog about my progress with the allotment as much as I can, to serve as a record for myself if nothing else.

On Sunday, we started clearing it of rubbish. We still need to take a lot of it to the tip, but at least it is bagged up and in one place now (there were all sorts of odds and ends in the bushes and all over the plot).

Our plot consists of three large beds, and I'm starting to have ideas about what I'm going to do with them. I'm not specifically aiming to grow organically, but I don't want to use chemical pesticides and will avoid chemicals in general as far as practicable. I've also been very influenced by reading The Edible Garden by Alys Fowler, and like the idea of having a pretty but edible plot, and I also like the idea of using a 'polyculture'-type method.

I've bought some seeds already - some from the garden centre and some ordered from Garden Organic (I've ordered from the latter before and found them reliable, etc., which is why I used them again - as I say, I'm not specifically going to garden organically).

These I bought from the garden centre the other day: Swiss Chard (Bright Lights), Sunflowers (Solar Eclipse), Radishes (Rainbox Mixed) , Beetroot (Boltardy) and the poppies were a freebie (I love poppies - and you can eat the seeds!).

 My seed potatoes, from Garden Organic. The variety is Ambo. I didn't realise I'd get quite so many!

 And the rest of my order from Garden Organic: Fennel (Finale), Kale (Red Winter), Pumpkin (Jack Be Little), Rocket (Wild) and Marigolds for pest control (one can hope) and a bit of pretty!

 These seeds I bought last January and then never did anything with them. I am obviously hoping to rectify that this year. Thyme, Mint, Tomato (Red Robin - I went for a bush variety this time) and Spinach (F1 Reddy).

This pack was a gift from a friend a couple of years ago, which I never got round to planting. They are still good according to the 'use by' date, though. A really interesting collection. I hear slugs don't like Mustard Greens!

I got these seeds free two years ago from the BBC Dig In campaign. They have no use by date on them, but they haven't been opened, so I'm hoping they will still be ok. 

So, that's my seed collection so far. I'm also thinking of planting some parsnips, and we are thinking about having a fruit tree or two. We certainly have the space!


  1. Oh, wow, even a fruit tree! Garlic chives are the picture in my blog header - they are common here in Hong Kong and add an amazing garlic bite when used raw. You certainly have lots of variety here!

  2. That sounds a fine selection to start with. Garlic chives aren't grown enough in my opinion - they're really useful and they even flower nicely if you forget to cut them. I did try growing mint and thyme from seed once but I found that growing thyme from cuttings and mint from a bit of old root yanked out of the ground was much quicker and more reliable.On the other hand, if you want loads of it then it might be better from seed and you certainly seem to have the space.