Sunday, 4 March 2012

River Cottage Rocks #2: - Pork belly with coriander and fennel crackling

This month's theme for the River Cottage Rocks challenge is Sunday Lunch, hosted by Jo of Jo's Kitchen. Not sure I quite managed to enjoy a leisurely Sunday pottering about in the kitchen, as Jo suggests in the challenge; I've recently joined a gym and spent the afternoon there, but nevertheless I dragged my aching limbs into the kitchen and cooked this delicious pork belly this evening.

The recipe is from River Cottage Everyday (p. 244), but I also found a very similar recipe on the Waitrose website. I did not use thick end of pork belly, just a regular piece of pork belly, so reduced the cooking time accordingly. I served the pork with roasted carrots and fennel and some roast potatoes. I was hoping to make some apple sauce (recipe from the same book) to accompany it, but I didn't have the time or energy in the end. I wrote about the apple sauce recipe here.

Still, it was delicious, as ever. Pork belly is one of my favourite cuts of meat. And the fennel and coriander gives the crackling an interesting edge.


  1. what a wonderful photograph!... I have made this a few times so I know how good it really is... very very good... x

    1. Thanks! I was quite surprised, as I can never usually get that good photos with the flash on!