Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Roast Broccoli

The thing about grocery shopping online is that sometimes you don't know how much you're going to get of something. For example, in my last shop I ordered 1 broccoli, and the broccoli that arrived was almost as big as my head.

Normally, I just boil broccoli, but I needed to use the whole thing in one evening (just using half the florets inevitably ends up in the rest of it going off before I get a chance to use it), and didn't fancy a whole tonne of boiled broccoli.

I decided to give roasting a go. Upon googling 'roast broccoli', this is the first recipe I came to.

It was very tasy. I left out the cheese at the end (and the pine nuts and basil), but it was still good. I don't agree it was as good as a steak, as the blog I got the recipe from suggests - the two things cannot be compared. But the lemon, garlic and olive oil really made this extra special.

I served it as a side dish with a couple of sausages and some potato wedges. It made a very filling meal. I am happy.


  1. That sounds gorgeous with the lemon and garlic. I must try it.

    p.s. The pork belly you posted the other day looked stunning!

    1. Thank you! And do try it - it really perks up the broccoli!