Sunday, 1 July 2012

Naked Wines Wine Tasting, Birmingham

My husband is a member of online wine sellers Naked Wines (or an "angel" as they call their members), and noticed a couple of months ago that they were doing a series of wine tastings across the country, so we booked tickets for the Birmingham tasting - tickets were £10 each.

The tasting was held at Fazeley Studios, 191 Fazeley Street in Digbeth.

It's a very interesting building - the main reception area was once a Unitarian Chapel, built in 1876. There is a little more about the history of the place here:

Anyway, when I'd finished getting my history nerd on, it was on to the wine tasting! We got given badges because we are "angels":

It was a fun wine-tasting. There was something like 150 different bottles of wine to try. I didn't try that many. To be honest, I was still feeling a little delicate from having gone out and had quite a lot of food and drink last night, so I wasn't really up to the task. I tasted a few different wines, though, and most of them were enjoyable.

This stall was very messy with their wine-pouring

My favourite wines I tasted by far were a couple of South African wines by Carmen Stevens, Head Winemaker at Amani winery: the Amani Merlot 2009 and the Amani Pedana Shiraz 2008. Very full-bodied, great flavours.

I'm sure we will be ordering more wine from Naked Wines in the near future... Just as soon as there's space in the kitchen...

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