Sunday, 5 August 2012

Restaurant Review: DC-6 Diner, Coventry

Last night was my first ever visit to the DC-6 Diner at the Airbase in Coventry. This is a unique dining experience and our inner nerds enjoyed it very much.

In case it is not clear from its name and you haven't bother to click on the link above yet, the DC-6 Diner is a converted aeroplane. Here's the view from our window when we were seated:

This eatery pretty much does what it says on the tin: it is a diner and those expecting a gourmet restaurant will be disappointed. Service is polite and attentive; not the kind where you get your wine poured for you, etc., but I felt this is in keeping with the 'diner' label and atmosphere.

Nothing really grabbed me on the starter menu, so I went straight for a main, suspecting that it would be quite filling. I wasn't wrong. I ordered the 'Homemade' beef and ale pie (the word 'homemade' in restaurants always confuses me - surely it is resaurant-made?!), served with chips and vegetables.
The pie was perfectly nice and the chips were ok. I was a bit disappointed with the veg though, as it was rather tasteless. I thought £9.95 was reasonable for the size and quality of the meal, though.

My husband, as is his wont, had the mixed grill:
There is quite a substantial amount of meat hidden under all those chips, including a chicken fillet, a lamb chop, gammon steak, rump steak and a sausage. My husband said all the meat was really good quality and nicely cooked. I tried a bit of his lamb and it was lovely - really juicy and tender and flavourful. We thought this dish was definitely worth the £17.95 it cost.

We also had a lovely bottle of wine to accompany our meal - a Franschhoek Stonebridge Pinotage, at £16.95. We were impressed by the wine selection, particularly by the fact that there is a good and varied selection of mid-range priced wines.

We didn't opt for dessert in the end, as we were so full from our huge meals. I did hear a lady at another table say that her dessert wasn't very nice, but I'd like to try them for myself before I pass judgement.

Overall, then, the food is not gourmet restaurant food, which I didn't expect anyway, but it is nice enough - I was particularly impressed with my husband's mixed grill and the wine list, and I would like to visit again and try one of the steaks, given that they seem to do meat very well! I also felt the food wasn't the be-all and end-all of the experience, which may sound odd, but we had a really fun and interesting evening. As I said at the beginning, it is a unique experience to be able to dine on a DC-6. You could even peer into the cockpit and I liked the way they'd arranged the lighting.


  1. I'd really, really like to give that a try.