Thursday, 28 February 2013

Abel & Cole Veg box - a typical week

I've been getting Abel & Cole veg boxes for a little while now and I'm really enjoying the range of fresh produce they provide. What I want to focus on in this post is what meals I make with a typical week's produce.

I get the £10 small veg box, which feeds 1-2 people. I find this about right for my husband and me. My box arrives on a Friday and this is what I got in my box last Friday:

2 large leeks
5 vine tomatoes
1 red pepper

This was supplemented by a couple of onions left over from the previous week's box and some shop bought garlic, in terms of veg.

The great thing about Abel & Cole is that you can see what you're getting each week on the website before your box arrives. I use this to plan meals and to plan my supermarket shop around this. I use the BBC Good Food website a lot in my meal planning, and the Abel & Cole recipes come in handy too.

Friday we had a quick and easy dinner of Fish Fingers, and Saturday we ate out, so I will start from Sunday.

Roast pork, potato wedges and peas
We had a busy weekend and I was very tired on Sunday evening, so we had an easy roast which consisted of roast pork leg, potato wedges and some frozen peas, served with some apple sauce. The only thing from the veg box was the potatoes.

Barney's Monday Night Rice
I've blogged about this recipe before. It's a great way to use left-over pork and is a quick and easy dinner. Again, not much from the box, except for an onion from the previous week's box, but I do use more things from the veg box later on in the week, I promise! We also got three sandwiches out of the joint of pork.

Lamb and Spinach Curry
I substituted the spinach with chard. And this also used up 4 of the 5 vine tomatoes. I used diced lamb leg rather than neck as the lamb leg was on offer. It probably would have been better if I hadn't burnt the spices (I'm currently getting used to a gas hob, having always used electric!), but luckily it was still edible!

Leek and potato soup
I fancied trying a leek and potato soup, as I'd never tried one before. I didn't want one that used cream as my husband is slightly lactose intolerant, but he is ok with milk, so this recipe seemed ideal. I didn't bother with the mustard toasts - we found the soup pretty filling on its own. I roughly halved the recipe, and used my 2 large leeks and a few small potatoes. I used chopped frozen parsley and stirred it in at the end, as I don't have any growing at the moment, and I find it a waste to buy fresh herbs from the supermarket as half the packet always goes to waste. This made 4 bowls of soup, so was eaten for lunch the next day as well. And very tasty it was too.

Buffalo burgers, potato wedges and salad
I'm a big fan of Laverstoke Park Farm Buffalo Burgers. They're healthier than beef burgers and taste great. I served these with some potato wedges and a salad consisting of lettuce, red pepper and tomato, dressed with a little olive oil and balsamic syrup.

I also used some of the salad stuff and a potato for a lunch.

Next veg box is due tomorrow. I'm looking forward to all the lovely meals I can make with my fresh produce!

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