Monday, 27 May 2013

My Master Gardener and burnet seeds

Recently I signed up to the Master Gardener scheme. The scheme is being run by Garden Organic and the idea is that a Master Gardener, a volunteer with 2 years or more gardening experience, will support households to grow their own.

My Master Gardener is Vicki and her first visit to me was last week. She has already written a blog post about it over at the Master Gardeners blog.

A photo of me next to my raised beds that Vicki took.
As you can see from the photo, things have started to grow in my raised beds and Vicki's advice has been really helpful. She gave me advice on successional sowing, composting and pest control. I also got a welcome pack, which included a couple of sachets of seeds, free family entry to Garden Organic at Ryton, a wall planner and a seed catalogue.

Cut-and-come-again salad leaves, which are doing very well!

I'm excited that Vicki gave me some seeds for burnet, a type of salad leaf/herb, first grown in Britian in the 16th Century. I planted them in a large pot today, so it will be interesting to see their progress! Apparently, they have pretty flowers, as well as the leaves making a good addition to salads.

The scheme seems like it's going to be really valuable to me - Vicki has a vast amount of knowledge, so it is great to learn from someone so experienced. I am looking forward to her next visit!

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