Saturday, 29 June 2013

Garden update: radishes, beetroot, courgettes and more!

I managed to spend an hour or two in the garden today after a few weeks of neglect. Fortunately, raised beds are very forgiving.

I thinned out the beetroot and harvested the last of the radishes.

I got rid of the last of the spinach as it had turned into a kind of spinach monster, and moved some of my fennel plants and my marigolds, and planted my courgette plants (kindly donated to me by my master gardener, Vicki!). I think it's looking a fair bit tidier now!

Bottom raised bed: fennel, courgettes and marigolds

Courgette flowers - the bees love them!

Top raised bed: carrots, beetroot, leeks, spring onions, coriander and a couple of marigolds.

Some things are looking a bit floppy as I'd just moved them, but am hoping they'll pick up!

My wild strawberry plant has also now started to fruit and there seems to be a mixture of white and red strawberries! I also think the flowers are really pretty.

Another pretty plant which you can also eat is lemon thyme - beautiful!

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