Sunday, 14 July 2013

Garden update: surprise raspberry bush!

Recently, I noticed that in my garden there was a bush growing around and inside another bushy plant, except this one had some fruit starting to form. "I wonder if they're raspberries," I thought and then promptly forgot about it because I've been really busy recently.

Upon going out to do the gardening this morning, I think I've confirmed that we do indeed have a raspberry bush:

At the moment, I am mostly just trying to keep on top of the weeding and keeping everything well-watered. I am starting to think about what I'm going to plant over Autumn/Winter, but that will be another post.

Right now, I'm enjoying my beetroots (I've sowed some successionally, so I seem to have got it right with just a few being ready at a time!), and carrots and fennel are almost ready for harvesting:

My marigolds, which I have planted to attract beneficial insects, are also doing very well.

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