Saturday, 24 August 2013

Things to do with courgettes

Growing courgettes this year has made me realise two things: 1) how big a courgette plant can actually grow, and 2) how much fruit one courgette plant alone can produce. It's a good job that we like courgettes! Recently, many of our meals have centred around courgettes, so I thought I'd post a few ideas of things to do with them.

  • An obvious Summer classic, which is a good use of courgettes, is Ratatouille. This is the recipe I tend to use, as it's fairly simple, quick and tasty. I don't always serve with the sourdough, though. I like to serve it with white fish or lamb steaks. I usually make enough for four and then serve the rest the next day with some pasta.
  • I recently tried this vegetable & bean chilli as a healthier alternative to regular chilli con carne. It was really tasty, although I amended the recipe slightly: instead of 1 tbsp chilli powder, I used 1 tsp chilli powder, 1 tsp paprika and 1 tsp ground cumin. I also used just one tin of chopped tomatoes and a smaller tin of butter beans, but it was still enough for about 4 people! I served it with rice. Leftovers were very tasty for lunch the next day.
  •  This courgette & tomato linguine is one of my go-to courgette recipes, although we tend not to have it too often because it is not as healthy as some of the other recipes I cook.
  •  I cook my recipe for roast mediterranean vegetables, garlic chicken and cous cous fairly regularly in the Summer - it is quick to prepare, easy to cook and very tasty! Since I published the recipe on Jo's Kitchen I have changed the recipe slightly, in that I tend to throw the chicken breasts in with the roast vegetables and cook it all together (for about half an hour), rather than cooking the chicken separately in a frying pan, which makes it even easier and healthier!
  •  If you get fed up of eating courgettes for dinner, my Master Gardener, Vicki, has a fab recipe for courgette and lemon cake!
  •  If you really get a glut all in one go (I picked three marrow-like courgettes the other day, and they weighed in at just over a kilo...), why not try this spicy courgette chutney? I thought I had mustard seeds, but I realised I didn't as I got to the point in the recipe where I needed to add them, so mine is probably slightly less than spicy chutney. As I had about a kilo of courgettes, I doubled the recipe in order to make a double batch. Yummy!

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