Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Birmingham Whisky Scene

I had my first taste of whisky at the Future Foodies preview event in Birmingham last summer (I wrote about it here) provided by Amy Seton of the Birmingham Whisky Club.

I was surprised by how enjoyable I found my first whisky - it's the sort of drink that makes you go, 'Hmmm... that's interesting' (in a good way), and of course you don't need a huge amount in order to appreciate it.

Since then, I've tried a couple of whiskies at home. My husband bought me Jura Superstition (which is really rather lovely) for Christmas along with Whisky: A Definitive World Guide by Michael Jackson (no, not that one, apparently). So, I think I am beginning to appreciate whisky more and am definitely learning more about it, although I am perhaps still lacking some of the vocabulary with which to describe it (if it's a peaty and/or smoky whisky then I am fine!), but I am getting there.

Whisky seems to be enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment, and it is becoming more accessible, with more people (myself included) beginning to discover it. In particular, the whisky scene appears to be thriving in Birmingham with the aforementioned Birmingham Whisky Club holding a fabulous-looking whisky festival (Whisky Birmingham 2014) on Saturday 1st March 2014, as well as various events throughout the year, including 'Whisky Women' events to encourage more women to discover and appreciate whisky.

Whisky Birmingham 2014 from the Birmingham Whisky Club

I was also delighted to find out recently that there is a whisky shop in Birmingham. The Whisky Shop have 22 shops throughout the country (including Birmingham), as well as selling their vast array of whiskies online. We visited the Birmingham store at the weekend, and were very impressed by how helpful and knowledgeable the staff were - and I got to try a couple of small measures of whisky before buying, and got a free magazine. Bonus. We came away with a bottle of Talisker 10 year old and a bottle of Aberlour 12 year old. So far I've tried the Talisker - it's quite smoky...

Hurrah for Birmingham and it's various whisky-related things! If only Coventry would follow suit.

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