Saturday, 16 January 2016

Friday 15th January: Pizza-making at Pizza Express

It's turned a bit nippy, hasn't it? Part of me is very pleased that we now seem to be having a Proper Winter, but another part of me wants to hibernate because of the cold and dark.

Yesterday I found myself in the lovely city of Oxford on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny but frosty day.

A view of the Oxford canal
While in Oxford, I took part in a pizza-making activity at Pizza Express Oxford - Golden Cross. The Golden Cross is a historic grade-II listed building, with some original medieval wall paintings inside. Worth a visit for that, even if nothing else!

The pizza-making activity was good fun too, aided by a glass of prosecco and starters consisting of doughballs and an anti-pasta platter - yum! We were each given a piece of dough and shown how to stretch it into a pizza shape. I was a bit rubbish at this, as I found my hands were too small to get it to a good size. Then once it was in a tin and covered with tomato sauce (there was also a technique to getting the sauce to cover the pizza base, which I didn't quite master...), we were allowed to choose and add our own toppings. I chose mushrooms, olives, red peppers and a few jalapenos. I probably put a few too many mushrooms on my pizza and I certainly didn't really make it look very pretty (I'm not a neat cook at the best of times, so it probably wasn't a great idea to give me prosecco beforehand...). The pizzas were then whisked away and cooked and then came the best bit: eating our pizzas.

Mine tasted pretty nice. I probably could have balanced things a bit better on the pizza, but ultimately it was doughy, vegetably and cheesy. And it was fun to make too! If you're interested, there's more about Pizza Express's pizza-making parties here.

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