Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tuesday 12th January: Leftover chicken gumbo

My cold continued apace this week (it's starting to get better now, thankfully), which meant that some of my plans had to be, erm, revised. This was mainly because I didn't manage to get out of bed early enough to make sandwiches from the leftover chicken, so I ended up using it in a dinner instead.

I had bought some okra with the intention of making an entirely different dish than this. Okra is now perhaps one of my favourite vegetables after trying it in a lamb stew in a local Lebanese restaurant. I decided to make this Chicken gumbo, which I have made before using chicken breasts, but thought it could work well with the leftovers too.

I didn't have any green pepper or celery, but I sliced a couple of small carrots instead. I substituted the dried thyme and sage for dried mixed herbs. I also didn't bother with the flour, and just added the cooked chicken in along with okra towards the end. I served it with brown rice.

I found this very tasty - perhaps not an authentic gumbo as some have pointed out in the comments on the website, but it still makes a good meal. The chicken was very flavourful and I love the combination of spices in this dish. It was a very warm, comforting bowl of chicken and vegetables, suitable for the cold weather and indeed someone suffering with a cold.


  1. That's a very fine dish for leftover chicken. I have to confess that, despite many happy hours in Lebanese restaurants, I still have problems with okra. I believe you when you tell me it's good but I think I had too many questionable okra dishes in Indian restaurants in the 80s and 90s. I'm willing to try again, though. I hope that cold has finally gone now.

  2. It did work particularly well with the leftover chicken. I think a whole roast chicken is a lot more flavourful than individually cooked chicken breast, so I think that really added to the flavours of this dish. Cold has just about gone now, thank you.