Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wednesday 6th January: Pistou soup

Good old BBC Good Food. I've been doing that New Year thing where I bought loads of veg, without exactly 100% planning what I was going to do with it all. This recipe for Pistou soup, helped me use up an awful lot of that veg.

As ever, I adapted this according to what I had in the fridge. I left out the turnip and the celeriac. I also didn't make the pesto, but instead added a couple of roughly sliced cloves of garlic at the beginning of cooking, and some chopped fresh basil at the end. I also used flageolet beans instead of haricot beans and I added the whole 400g tin. I crumbled a vegetable stock cube into the water to add a bit of extra flavour. It smelt and tasted pretty good, although I didn't make it a day ahead as was suggested. However, I do have plenty of leftovers for lunches, so I will be giving the re-heating a try, and am sorted for lunch to take to work for the rest of the week.

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