Sunday, 14 February 2016

Saturday 13th February: Mushroom Chasseur

Mushrooms are one of my favourite things to eat. They are so versatile and I love the way they absorb the flavours of other ingredients. I usually have a stock of them in the fridge.

I also think they are just generally amazing. They are neither fruit, vegetable nor meat. And some of them are of course deadly poisonous. But luckily not the ones I was using for this recipe.

Anyway, this Mushroom Chasseur recipe by Jack Monroe is amazing, and perfect for a cold winter Saturday night in in front of the telly (we are currently watching binge-watching season 7 of Castle, which generally just gets sillier and sillier). I used large flat mushrooms in mine.

I have made this a few times and unusually for me, I tend to stick to the recipe with this one. It uses simple ingredients, but it's so flavourful. I usually remove the lid towards the end of cooking time (maybe for about 15 minutes) to let the sauce reduce a bit more, though. I can confirm that it is definitely worth letting it simmer for the full hour - I've tried to take a short-cut a couple of times before and cook it only for half an hour or 45 minutes, and it just doesn't taste as good. It really needs the full hour to let those flavours develop.

Served with lots of fluffy mashed potato this time, but it also goes will with rice or pasta.


  1. Sounds very good

  2. Well, I'm with you on the mushroom recipe. Sounds very fine indeed. Not quite so sure that I'm with you on binge-watching Castle, though I assume that's not a compulsory part of this recipe.

    1. No, not compulsory - you can choose your favourite American crime drama/comedy series to watch with the recipe. :)