Sunday, 21 February 2016

Saturday 20th February: Foil fish parcels

Due to a online grocery shopping cock up, we didn't get our usual Saturday morning delivery, so I was a little short on ingredients on Saturday evening (I forgot to check an order out earlier in the week, lost the time slot, and didn't realise until Friday evening, when it was too late to book for Saturday morning... So, we had to go for Sunday morning instead).

No matter, though, as I had some haddock fillets in the freezer which I'd been able to defrost in the fridge overnight. (I usually try and avoid buying unsustainable fish, but the label on the packet assured me that these were MSC-certified...).

One of my favourite ways to cook white fish is to cook them in fish parcels, and this recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall does the job nicely. I did mine with plenty of sliced garlic, dried chilli flakes and soy sauce and served with carrots, peas and rice.

There also used to be a very similar recipe on the River Cottage website which included frying some sliced fennel and adding to the parcel, but they appear to have revamped their website and I can no longer locate it. But the fennel is also a nice addition to the fish parcel recipe.

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