Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wednesday 24th February: 15-minute chicken pasta

This 15-minute chicken pasta recipe is wonderful for creating something quick, healthy and tasty after work. Farfalle (bow-ties) is also my favourite kind of pasta, but I usually use whatever I have in the cupboards: in this instance, penne. I tend to use lemon juice rather than orange juice because I always have a stock of lemons in the fridge. And I don't always add the flaked almond, but it does add a nice crunch and flavour. To save time if you're in a hurry, buy ready toasted flaked almonds. I also often add some sliced mushrooms in with the chicken while I'm cooking it - chestnut mushrooms probably work best, but really any mushrooms will do.

Decided to take a photo with my proper camera for once...

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